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Your routine dental checkup is an important part of maintaining a healthy smile for a lifetime. Our team begins by performing a meticulous cleaning and polishing of your teeth to remove any tartar and surface stains, and then our dentist examines your smile and surrounding oral tissues to identify any developing oral problems. Your dental exam includes screening for signs of oral or throat cancer so that we can detect this disease in its earliest stages.

According to an estimate by the American Dental Association, roughly 1 in 92 American adults develop some type of oral cancer. While oral cancer is more likely to afflict older patients in their 60s or so, certain risk factors can result in early development. These include tobacco use and having a family history of oral cancer.

We encourage you to notify Dr. Shahnam Amini of any potential oral cancer symptoms that you have noticed, such as chronic mouth pain, a lump in the cheek or throat, and swelling. Throat cancer symptoms may include the sensation of something being stuck in the throat or a persistent sore throat.

If you are concerned about oral or throat cancer, we encourage you to call 713-644-4446 today to schedule a dental checkup at Centro Family Dental and learn more about oral cancer prevention in Houston, Texas.