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Scheduling and attending regular oral cancer screenings is a must. Screenings can greatly improve your chance of success against oral cancer. This is because oral cancer treatment often relies heavily on early detection to ensure the best possible outcomes.

The potential for a healthier smile awaits with oral cancer screenings. The key to understanding oral cancer includes the following:

– Do you ever feel any irregular pain, numbness or total loss of feeling in your ears, head, face, mouth, or neck?
– Keep your eyes peeled for any irregular bumps, lumps, rashes, or swelling in your mouth.
– Do you ever have problems eating or speaking, or have your teeth shifted out of position?
– Mysterious weight loss and persistent sore throats could be signs of oral cancer.
– Be sure to check your inner gums for white, speckled, or deep red patches.
– Stay alert for signs of unusual bleeding that occurs that cannot be easily explained.

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