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Oral health care appliances that are designed to protect your smile can only go so far if you fail to give them appropriate care. For example, if you use a mouth guard to protect yourself from dental damage during sports, you’ll need to make sure that you take care of it and keep it clean. If your mouth guards is damaged, it will not be able serve you well.

Are you familiar with the different type of options you have for mouth guards? A custom mouth guard is made by your dentist from an impression of your mouth. By using that impression to create your mouth guard, you will enjoy better protection and greater comfort during games and practices.

A boil-and-bite mouth guard is just that: it is boiled in water, and when it has cooled, you bite into it and it conforms to the shape of your teeth.

Stock mouth guards can be purchased in most retail outlets. They are the least expensive type of mouth guard, but they also offer the least amount of protection.

You should rinse your mouth guard before and after each use. You should also clean it regularly with soap and water, and keep it in a ventilated container so that the air can dry it and it will stay safe. When your mouth guard starts to show signs of wear, and when you start a new sports season, it is time to have a new one made.

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