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Do you want a strong and healthy smile? If so, you need to take good care of your teeth and gums. In addition to keeping up on oral hygiene and visiting Dr. Amini and Dr. Chow regularly, it’s important to protect your smile with a mouth guard while you play high-contact sports. A mouth guard is a strong, mouth-shaped appliance that can shield your teeth from the damaging pressure provided from hard, forceful objects.

Stock mouth guards, boil-and-bite mouth guards, and custom-made mouth guards are the three options when it comes to protective appliances. The stock mouth guards can be found at most sporting goods stores and they are ready to wear when you take them out of the package. They are also the cheapest mouth guard option. The boil-and-bite mouth guards can also be found at sporting goods stores and they can be personalized because they are made from a thermoplastic material. You can shape the mouth guard by softening it in hot water, placing it in your mouth to shape it, and then letting it cool. Custom-made mouth guards are made in a dental lab just for you and your smile. It will fit perfectly over your teeth and will give you the complete protection you deserve.

There are people other than athletes who can benefit from this appliance. Those people are those who grind their teeth when they sleep, or even during the day! This habit is called bruxism. If you are a victim of bruxism, wear a mouth guard so your teeth don’t get damaged. This habit can wear down and fracture your smile.

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