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Unfortunately, there are flossing habits that can hurt—not help—the smile. It’s best to avoid these habits because you deserve strong and healthy teeth and gums. To help you avoid those habits, our dentists, Dr. Shahnam Amini and Dr. Mimi Chow, are happy to tell you all about them. The habits to avoid include:

-Forcing the floss into place: When you force the floss into place, it can ram into the gums. When this happens, the gums become irritated and they can even bleed. It’s very important to be gentle with the gums, so use a gentle sawing motion to put the floss into position.

-Using a flossing product that is hard to use: The more you use a flossing product that is easy to use, the better. This is because it reduces your chances of forcing the floss into place and being rough around the gums. Some people find waxed floss, flossing picks, floss threaders and water flossers easy to use.

-Not flossing once a day: It’s vital to floss at least once a day. If you don’t, the plaque can build up on your smile and promote cavities and gum disease. So, make sure to floss at least once a day.

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