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We know visiting the dentist may cause some stress and anxiety. Because this is a common issue, we have our top tips to help patients feel in control and comfortable with us.

– Informing the dentist is the top tip for feeling more relaxed when you undergo any procedure or treatment. When our dental team understands what is going on, they can come up with a plan to help you feel more relaxed and in charge of your dental care.
– Modern dentistry now includes a number of amenities to help our patients feel more relaxed with Dr. Shahnam Amini. Relaxing music, entertaining TV movies, warm blankets, and more, can elicit a feeling of comfort and relaxation.
– For many patients, understanding what will be happening at the dentist is helpful. The process, how long, what to expect, and recovery instructions, can reduce the anxiety and help you feel more at ease.
– We welcome you to visit our office, before your appointment. You can meet our dentist, dental assistant, and dental hygienist, as well as tour the office and consult with our treatment coordinator or front desk receptionist.
– If these tools are not enough, you may talk to our dentist about sedation options. Our goal is to maintain, restore, and enhance your smile, but also to ensure your experience with us is a positive one.

These top five tips for dental relaxation with our dentist in Houston, Texas, will hopefully come in handy, should you need them, and allow you to feel relaxed and at ease at our dental practice. For any questions or for more tips, please contact Centro Family Dental at 713-644-4446. We look forward to seeing you soon!