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Do you know dry mouth is very dangerous to your oral health? There are many reasons people struggle with dry mouth. However, overcoming it will help improve your oral health in the long run. Bacteria can stick to your gums and teeth, which saliva can typically wash away. If your mouth is too dry, you could be leaving bacteria to grow and cause damage to your oral health.

To help you understand more about dry mouth, our dentists, Dr. Shahnam Amini and Dr. Mimi Chow with Centro Family Dental in Houston, Texas, have provided you with this information on the subject:

– Did you know the dry mouth can be produced as a side effect of medications you may be taking? It’s true!

– Because dental erosion and gum disease can often occur due to dry mouth, it is crucial to always avoid a lack of saliva in your mouth whenever possible.

– Because dry mouth is linked to issues with the flow of saliva in your mouth, harmful acids are more likely to cause damage to your tooth enamel.

– Keeping your mouth clean and eating crunchy foods with lots of water can help produce additional saliva. Saliva production can also be increased by chewing sugarless gum.

– Don’t wait until your mouth is suffering from risks such as cavities or sore throats before dry mouth is treated. Visit your dentist for routine exams to determine if you are susceptible to dry mouth conditions.

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