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Brushing and flossing on a daily basis are important components of oral health that most patients try to practice regularly. We also highly recommend routine dental cleanings in order to properly maintain your oral health and prevent oral issues.

Dental cleanings are half of the purpose for dental checkups and are highly important because they are a time to remove tooth stains and harmful tooth substances to reduce risks to your smile. These routine dental visits can increase the chances of receiving conservative and economical dental treatment in the even that Dr. Shahnam Amini detects any signs of dental problems developing in your smile and provides treatment right away.

When we perform a dental cleaning, we can also look for dental problems that may be affecting your smile. For example, the oral cancer screenings we perform enable us to detect the threat and treat it as soon as possible. We also keep an eye out for gum disease and cavities so that we can address these concerns before they result in more overall health problems like respiratory and heart complications.

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