Regular visits to the dentist are an important part of maintaining your smile. If you visit the dentist only when you are in pain or have noticed a change in your oral health, your smile has already been affected. Dr. Amini and Dr. Chow make routine visits simple and affordable by offering free dental exams.

During your dental exam, our knowledgeable dentists will evaluate your smile to assess your oral health and detect any potential issues, such as:

• Tooth decay
• Damaged dental restorations
• Dental infection
• Periodontal disease
• Oral cancer

If you have not had a dental X-ray performed in the last 6 months, we may take a few X-rays of your smile to view a comprehensive image of your smile, including the gum tissue, tooth roots, and jawbone. This helps us see any issues that cannot be detected by the naked eye. Our goal is to detect and treat problems before they advance beyond the initial stage. If you visit our office regularly, we can not only treat problems in a timely manner, but prevent them as well.

Please feel free to contact Centro Family Dental at 713-644-4446 if you have any questions or would like to schedule your free dental exam in Houston, Texas.