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The braces hardware installed in your child’s mouth at Dr. Shahnam Amini’s orthodontic clinic represents a serious investment in correcting the alignment of their teeth. Once completed, your son or daughter will be able to enjoy a more appealing smile and a mouth at reduced risk of dental attrition and dental fractures.

Good oral hygiene practices during the alignment process is very important. Inconsistencies in their brushing and flossing will increase their chances of suffering cavities on multiple teeth. Should this occur the complications and necessary treatment could increase the number of adjustments needed to fully correct the alignment of their teeth.

If your son or daughter is struggling to clean around your braces hardware, there are special oral hygiene tools that can help. Providing them with an interdental brush can help them remove food particles from contoured areas and small pieces of braces hardware.

Braces wires and other components can sometimes make it challenging for children to floss between their teeth and gumline. A simple floss threader can insert a strand of waxed dental floss into these places. An oral irrigator like Waterpik® produces a concentrated stream of water. It can help loosen and wash away food particles, but shouldn’t be used as an alternative to flossing.

If your son or daughter had braces installed at Dr. Shahnam Amini’s orthodontic clinic in Houston, Texas, and you have an oral hygiene question, you can always call 713-644-4446 to speak to a staff member at Centro Family Dental.